“The Website is Down”

A must-see video for anyone who has ever been on the support side of IT:


Oh, the memories it brings back.


Technology: Your Work Becomes a Document

In 1996, having recently completed a fermentation program in Davis (CA), I moved to San Francisco to brew beer.

Everyday, I put on rubber boots, gloves, and a protective, industrial version of a farmer’s overalls.   The work I did with my colleagues ended up in either kegs or bottles.  Packaging beer is an explosive, messy process.  Bottles would break, sending glass and beer around the room.  Kegs became geysers.

But at the end of the day, our work had physical presence.  We would move the cases and kegs into a truck, knowing that within days and weeks, our work would be in the bellies of people all over California.

But in the digital world, I feel like everything I do ends up in a document.

Additionally, my work sometimes seems shaped by the constraints of the document.

Powerpoint? Ok, I’ll create slides to create an emotional impact (making sure not to just put up bullet points with no images).

Excel?  Ok, I’ll show the relationship between everything.

Word? Not a problem – we’ll create a table of content and you’ll see what a great writer I am.

I wonder what my work would become if I didn’t have to design its embodiment by reverse engineering from the document options.

Internet Access When You’re Traveling

I’m staying at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago for the Adobe MAX convention, where I am speaking on RIA and search.

There are hundreds of us geeks in this 30 story building.

How dismayed I was when I got to my room to discover that the hotel charges $10 / day for Internet access.

So that’s $30 for my three days here.

That’s bullshit.

I think that Internet access should be a free utility for traveling professionals. Asking someone to pay extra for something they consider a necessity makes you an opportunistic, whereas the role of the host is to create the illusion of gracious enabler.

And to add insult to injury, to charge such a high fee is an echoing bitch slap.

I was having dinner with a few Flex developers tonight and they bitched about the same thing.

I told them my solution:

“From now on, I am always going to travel with a wireless router, and if I have to pay for access, I’m going to give it away for free as a big FUCK YOU to the hotel. I’ll give my SSID a name like “FuckTheHyatt_FreeWebGuy”.

I’m going to start doing this, and I’d love to see a movement here.

Imagine a website that, like a GPS system, shows where you are in relation to FreeWebGuy hosts who are paying some fuckhead $10/month so many others can not pay.