Tapas: Better in SF?

So, it was pretty miserable being a vegetarian in Spain.

Because this is SF and the food here rules, I found that I prefer the tapas places here MORE than in Spain.

Why? Because SF expects vegetarians in their restaurants.  Spain, which still allows smoking in airports, restaurants, and probably even in emergency rooms, is deeply rooted in old traditions.

And while Spain is a horrible place to be a vegetarian, it is a delightful place for the heavy weekend drinker (which is why Laurie came with).


Tapas Tour

On Sunday, Laurie and I realized that many of the Barcelona tourist destinations, such as the Picasso Museum, had gigantic lines. Probably 30 minutes to get into the Picasso Museum.

So I suggested we do a “Tapas Tour”.

We just hit the streets – stopping at a number of tapas places. Drinking a carafe of sangria or a bottle of champagne.

We walked miles, ate a LOT of food, and consumed probably 5 liters of sangria.


Sangria evaporates quickly in Barcelona due to the  dry air.



All in a good day’s work.