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Poetry Degree

When I consider all the degrees one can get that mean nothing, if not less, to me, I think an advanced degree in poetry wins.

The sealed stamp of the degree on paper is a qualification like a passport stamped many times over with “wrong road” printed everywhere.

Why did you need academia to improve your commentary on life?

Was it really the form, the meter, the use of metaphor or simile?

Did you do it to impress someone? Did it make you feel more esteemed? Do you now tell people about your advanced degree in poetry?

A degree has no value if it creates none.

The mechanics of poetry is: wax on, wax off.

The unique inspiration of good poetry is taught far, far away from those who institutionally aggregate to dissect it, and the people who know this would never frame a stamped piece of paper that empowers anyone other than themselves to judge what they must.