“Best Poems” category

I write two kinds of poetry:

  1. “On Demand” – meaning: people give me a topic, a time constraint (3 minutes), and a number of words.  These poems are usually rough.
  2. “I Meant That” – poems I worked on without constraint.

I started a new category called “Best Poems“, which is a collection of category #2 (I had time to think and edit).

I did this so that you can read the stuff I think is my best.


Buzz Trap

The only thing worse than death that can happen
(when you are high),
is you believing you possess infinite wisdom
you are compelled to prophet.

You lose your voice never shutting up with the fantastical delusions
we should hear only from childrens’ writers.

The saddest part about it
is that this is the most enlightened you will ever feel.

Your religion is based on all your have learned
When you were not in reality.

Poem on Demand

Another from Zeitgeist, 6/29/08.

The guy who suggested this topic was smoking pot at the table next to us (hey, in SF at a beer garden, this is wide open).

His eyes were really red, and he was totally loving this poetry game we play.

Asked for a topic, he gave an ironic theme.

Theme: Why I Don’t Smoke Pot
Word Count: 23+

I made two versions.

Why I Don’t Smoke Pot
Don’t smoke weed you say
I’m still waiting for why
Your argument has no life
Nothing about you ever has
Get high, then try again.

Why I Don’t Smoke Pot
Give me a reason not to
It must be large and philosophical.
If you can’t think of one
Get high, then think again.

Poem on Demand

Again from Zeitgeist, 6/29/08.

Topic: Testicles
Word Count; 10

(The fellow who offered the topic was clearly quite drunk and the subject is obviously a product of his state of intoxication. But whatever – the idea with the poems on demand is you never know what someone is going to come up with, and you have to embrace it.)

All else hides inside
Testicles have far more worldly ambition.