Produced By Nature

This site is very cool: a directory of natural products: Produced by Nature.

If you’re interested in anything from natural pet food to very personal hygiene, this site is for you.


From Lethargy to Dynamic Health

I went out drinking on Friday and woke up with an unusually painful hangover on Saturday.

So I slept all day, read, and watched a movie I rented. I took a hot shower, drank herbal tea, ate a light dinner, and went to bed early greatly anticipating waking up the next morning to head to a yoga class.

I was therefore very surprised to wake up hungover again.

How could this happen? I was tired and aching. I didn’t go to yoga. Instead, I stayed home and took naps. What was wrong? Why was I being such a wussy? Friday night wasn’t THAT bad.

And then I woke up on Monday still hungover. This was really, really strange. Eery even.

As I checked my email Monday morning, I noticed all the people announcing they were staying home with a terrible cold.

And that’s when I realized that I wasn’t hungover – I simply had been fighting a cold and won.

Although I didn’t get sick, I got what I think of as “almost sick.” I was lethargic because my body was using all of its energy fighting the cold.

I hate feeling lethargic. It’s depressing. You want to nap, but doing so just makes you more tired. There is nothing refreshing about sleep in this state.

So I decided to kick the lethargy out of me by doing some hard, sweaty flow yoga. Although it was the last thing I felt like doing, I did, and voila – I immediately felt fantastic.

Just one hour transformed my body from tired into bursting with energy.

I’ve noticed in the past how good I feel after either a cold or hangover – they make feeling healthy so easy and wonderful to appreciate.

Netflix & Yoga

If you’re into yoga and have a tough time getting to classes, you might want to try renting them on Netflix.

Of course, you can buy DVD’s, but they’re expensive, and you don’t know if you’re going to like the teaching until after you’ve handed over your money.

I started renting yoga classes and have found that I do yoga more often, I spend less on it, and I can select exactly the duration I want to do.  For instance, the typical class is 90 minutes.  But there are DVD’s that will let you choose 15, 30, 45, 60 or 90 minute classes.

There are a lot of instructional DVD’s on Netflix as well.  If you want to learn an instrument, language, or just about anything else, it’s there.

Damn, this sounds like an ad for Netflix.  It’s not.  You can also get these DVD’s at the library.

That One Spot

There always is one spot you have to reckon with.

Small, annoyingly afflicted parts of your body.

My electric razor refuses to cleanly shave the lower left part of my jaw, so I have to use the old school razors to hit that spot everyday.

But when I travel, I sometimes forget to bring that second razor.  And so I grow a small patch of odd whiskers that is clearly not a fashion statement.

I went to Hawaii and forgot to put sunscreen on the top part of my left ear.  That spot got supremely sunburned.  I had to cover it when I was showering.

And then there was the Achilles tendinitis for months.

Maybe I think too much about these things.  But when I tell myself to think less about them, I am suddenly talking to myself, which brings a subconscious thought into a full discussion with YOURSELF.

I try not to talk to myself.  It’s the only thing I ever do that creeps me out.

Other than worry about that one spot.