Facebook Advertising ROI vs. Search & Amazon, 2012 – 2015

Think Facebook advertising is sexy and want to get in on it?

I tracked my purchases for the last three years.  How many of them originated with Facebook?  Zero.

As a marketer and advertiser, I have spent thousands of dollars of my clients’ money on Facebook, Google, Bing, and other channels?

Which one performs the best?  Well, it depends on the channel.  However, in markets that have the highest CPC that are budget constrained, Bing outperforms other channels regularly.

Facebook advertising ROI vs. Google, Bing, Amazon and other markets.

Facebook advertising ROI vs. Google, Bing, Amazon and other markets.


Yahoo vs Gmail: Yahoo Email Sucks

I’ve had a Yahoo email address for years. I got a Gmail account this year.

Gmail is far superior for two reasons:

1. Gmail’s spam filter works (see image below). Yahoo’s filter sucks ass intentionally. Yahoo gives you a useless spam filter for free. Need more? You have to pay.

2. Gmail “rolls up” your email into one conversation, so you don’t see numerous emails for the same conversation.

Yahoo Email Sucks

If I Could Only Write for The Onion

In about ’96, I wrote a letter to The Onion notifying them of my intent to submit freelance articles. It seemed like such a natural fit. I was bummed when I found out (I think they may have written me back, not sure) that they do not accept submissions:

The Onion
Why the hell would they have that policy? Think of all the freaks out there who would finally have a place to focus their freak?

Ok, so, pieces I would have written:

I would have given out an annual “Lifetime Underachievement Award”.

Being that I do SEO, I’d have written a futuristic piece:

“People Finally Find Everything; Google Declares Bankruptcy”.