Tracy Zabriskie – Scumbag?

Tracy Zabriskie

I’ve had a number of models on this guy’s site tell me he is Google-jacking their names.

I don’t know the guy, but when you look at his site, the links to Nudist Friends is an indication to anyone considering modeling for him that he is going to take pictures of you, optimize the page for your name, and do something creepy.

Why would a photographer have links to “Nudist Friends”?  Is this something a professional would do?

If you look at who is linking to this guy, try this link:

The photographer is deep in the porn industry, so don’t think you have a fashion photographer.

So if you are considering working with Tracy Zabriskie, think twice.


My Economic Stimulus Package

Yesterday, China revealed a plan to spend $586B in the next two years.

Obama has been talking about a $25B plan.

It’s interesting to look at how China and the US will spend the money.  Some improved roads here, some subsidies and tax breaks there.  After awhile it all looks the same.

In the US, we have about 275M people.  If we took the $25B and distributed it equally to every American, that’s about $90M each.

I vote for that.  And you can tax the rich – sure, 40% sounds just fine.  Why wait for it to trickle down?  Just give us the money and let’s stop worrying.

Let GM and the Car Industry Tank

I’ve heard all the talk of the car industry being a vital part of the US economy.  But come on.

The US car manufacturers are in this hole because they over-invested in SUV’s for so long.  And what’s the worst that can happen if some of these companies go under?  Yea, people will lose their jobs.  I’ve seen the Michael Moore movie.  If the concern is about jobs, why does our tax money have to go through these companies?  Just give the money to the employees as they look for new work.

Who is going to bail out the US government when its out of cash?