Stub Hub Sucks – Avoid Them!

Stub Hub sucks ass.  If you are looking to buy or sell tickets through them, avoid them at all costs.

Their service sucks and the sellers are predators.

In case that message was unclear – avoid Stub Hub! Stub Hub sucks ass!


  1. I agree — I sold tickets in the beginning of September, just for face value. To date (December 11, 2008) I still have not received payment. I have long since paid them off my credit card bill and am losing interest daily.

    They have had sneaky policies regarding return of payment, claiming it takes 7-10 business days to send a check, but not adding on additional time for verifying that the check they sent to the incorrect address has not been cashed.

    I would advise anyone to think twice before selling on Stub Hub.


  2. I now use alternatives to StubHub, such as Tickets Now (a ticketmaster company) or RazorGator.

    StubHub screwed me as a buyer when their site duplicated my purchase and charged me double for NY Rangers tickets. I saw this immediately and called their customer “service” department. They refused to work with me in coming to a solution, even when I spoke to the manager. All three persons I spoke to were unsympathetic and the Customer Service manager told me StubHub did not need my business.

    These guys need some competition– the StubHub head is just way too big


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