5 weeks?

I don’t typically write about politics, but tonight I will.

I watched the election.

Both sides are catering to the middle.  Both agree that they are against same sex marriage (which can win or lose an election,
Democrats neutralized this issue by agreeing with Repulicans).

The big issue for me is the “5 weeks” comment.

Palin was stupid enough to admit she can’t answer a question because of only being in the game for 5 weeks.

Not a strong answer.

Why didn’t Biden jump all over her for this?

Long story short – either party will be a big improvement over Bush.  Both have learned from the enormous mistakes of Bush.



  1. Palin won?

    Are you smart enough to realize that political debates are not “real”? Nobody scores them – victory is seen through the biased lens of the viewer. Victory is only declared by party-liners who have ALWAYS, ALWAYS claimed their candidate won.

    Darn right. And doggone it , bless your heart for not being smart enough to see that, but you will get your reward in heaven. Shucks, what can you expect Joe six-pack to make of these kind of things anyways?


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