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Powell Endorses Obama: Bitch-Slap to McCain

Wow, what an eloquent speech Powell gave.

I love how those in his party who can’t accept such a credible slap on their face have resorted to the race card on this. Powell pre-empted such a lame explanation by saying (I paraphrase), “If I were to endorse him on race along I would have done that 8 months ago).”

You’d have to be an idiot to hear such an intelligent commentary and think it was simply about race.

On the other hand, such a powerful GOP figure crossing party lines with such an intelligent point of view must sting so bad you have to either ignore it or attach it with whatever lame and transparent excuses you can find.

I love how Powell said Palin was clearly incapable of being a president, which is the “job” of the vice-president. Let’s face it, Palin was a bad, bad choice. Yet another republican idiot? Why can’t the GOP just put some brain-trust on a ticket for once? We’ve suffered through GW, Quayle, and now Palin? Please!

Palin “Blew Off” Gwen Ifill

I’m glad to see Ifill admit that Palin blew off many of the questions (let’s face it, Palin can’t answer them – she’s the new GW Bush).

In a “Meet the Press” interview, Ifill describes being blown off.  Interestingly, the mainstream media is now paying attention to Saturday Night Live skits as political commentary.  SNL has done such a great job capturing Palin’s pathetic vacancy.

5 weeks?

I don’t typically write about politics, but tonight I will.

I watched the election.

Both sides are catering to the middle.  Both agree that they are against same sex marriage (which can win or lose an election,
Democrats neutralized this issue by agreeing with Repulicans).

The big issue for me is the “5 weeks” comment.

Palin was stupid enough to admit she can’t answer a question because of only being in the game for 5 weeks.

Not a strong answer.

Why didn’t Biden jump all over her for this?

Long story short – either party will be a big improvement over Bush.  Both have learned from the enormous mistakes of Bush.