The Most Beautiful Moment of Your Life

Stop and think for a moment about the most beautiful moment of your life.

As those reading this might now, I found out about my full brother about a year ago.

Yesterday, I caught up with a friend and neighbor from high school.

I sent her the link (above) about my brother. And then I sent her the note pasted below.

My point is that I think the most beautiful thing I have ever seen is when my parents met my brother for the first time.

Here is the note:

The lost brother thing was both difficult and beautiful for my parents. While the blog was meant for updates on that story, the evolution of their relationship with the long-lost brother became so personal to my parents that I realized my blog was not giving their personal, secretive, and angst relationship to the story due respect, so I stopped my hyperactive, global, unfiltered updates.

The short of it, however, is that my brother quickly became the “missing piece” my parents longed for. Yesterday, as you know, was fathers’ day.

My brother Mike has my father’s love of sports, beer, and logic. They look a lot alike, they tell stories the same way. Mike is the athletic son my father always wanted and I never was.

Yesterday, my father, for the first time in his life, got three calls on fathers’ day. One of them lasted an hour long and largely was spent talking sports. This has made him so happy that he has a very obvious newfound sense of purpose in life.

The take-away for me (among others) is appreciating the pain they carried for so many years. My brother Mike has become part of the family with ease – there is no family get-together (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) for which he is not a full participant.

The last living member of the family that raised MIke died this year. He thought he was alone, forever. He spent holidays largely alone. And he is simply over-joyed to discover he has two full siblings and loving parents – all of whom he not only gets along with, but feels as though he belongs with.

I don’t want to drag on too long, but I will tell you this: I picked up my brother from the airport and introduced him to my parents. In all my years with my parents I never so them so happy. They both hugged him – and then they hugged him again and again. Imagine spending a lifetime thinking you will never see your child, and then God gives you that miracle. I saw sides of my parents then I never saw.

My father was holding back tears telling Mike that there wasn’t a week that went by in his life that he didn’t wonder where his son was. Mom and dad are so happy now. There are times when the “whole” family has a reunion and if you could see them it would make you cry.

They spent a lifetime feeling an important part of their family was missing, and they never thought they would have a reunion. I just want to make sure the last years of their lives are spent giving them the sense of completion they thought they would never know,.


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