Yahoo vs Gmail: Yahoo Email Sucks

I’ve had a Yahoo email address for years. I got a Gmail account this year.

Gmail is far superior for two reasons:

1. Gmail’s spam filter works (see image below). Yahoo’s filter sucks ass intentionally. Yahoo gives you a useless spam filter for free. Need more? You have to pay.

2. Gmail “rolls up” your email into one conversation, so you don’t see numerous emails for the same conversation.

Yahoo Email Sucks



  1. Yeah, gmail is great but lacks usability in the following areas:

    1. Email search is very poor
    2. If you have more then 10 conversation in thread the only way to see them is expand as there is now way you can click on teh email cause the areas is just too thin.
    3. No proper syncrhonisation of contacts
    4. No ability to select multiple attachments from the file dialog
    5. No encryption
    6. No unlimited space


  2. The conversation/threading -requirment- sucks. Better hope you don’t have differnt users emailing you with the same subject. Make gmail 100% usueless for business purposes–imagine sending out a bunch of emails with the same subject and then getting 100 replies back…ALL crammed into one tab?! Yuck….google, pleae make this an option to disable that mess!


  3. I’m looking for an e-mail service provider recommendation. I use AT&T Yahoo at the moment. I used to like it, but when I finally had to cave in and upgrade to their “improved” design for the service, I found that quantity and size of the advertising were causing substantial slow-down in my ability to access my mail. I will not bore you with the details.

    Can anyone recommend an email service provider with the robust delivery, file management, encryption and spam filtering that I have with Yahoo? Basically, I want Yahoo without the ads, or at least without ads that slow down my user experience. I would happily give up the news headlines, too, as I don’t want or need them in my email service. In fact it would speed up the home page downloads considerably if I could find a service that dispenses with the horoscopes and weather and news and just cuts me directly to my mail.

    Free would be nice, but for email nirvana, I would be willing to pay for the service. (BTY… I’ve been happy with Yahoo’s spam filtering capabilities, but then I am very stingy about handing out my email address.) Thanks for any constructive feedback.


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