National “Imagine Everyone Around You Having Sex” Day

I really think this would be a great official holiday.

At some point, we all do it anyway, so why not have a day dedicated to imagining what the people around you would look like having sex?

It’s a kind of perverted form of people watching.

Today, for instance, I was sitting in a crepe place on California at Divisadero. I didn’t have anything interesting to read, so I started people watching.

But the people weren’t really doing anything, so I had to spice it up a bit.

“I wonder what she would look like having sex?” I thought of the 85 year old woman trying to eat soup with a shaky hand.

“Yuk, move on, move on!”.

I played this game for about 5 minutes and then the food arrived. But I had completely lost my appetite.

Don’t imagine random people having sex right before you eat.

But it’s fun to do – most people don’t really come across as sexual. You have to really work hard at it to see them in sex mode.

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