Great Gift Idea: Personal Lubricant

I like what writes about “personal lubricant”:

“Personal lubricants are perhaps the greatest unsung sex toy. While it’s true that lubricant can be used to solve a sexual problem, like vaginal dryness, lube is much more than something to use only when you “need” it.”

The article continues to point out that lubricant can:

* Intensify and enhance sensations (for solo or partner sex)
* Change the way that sex feels
* Help you have sex longer
* Make safer sex safer by reducing the chances that a condom will break
* Eliminate pain associated with intercourse that comes from vaginal dryness
* Be essential for certain kinds of sex play, like using sex toys and exploring anal sex

I went into one of the otherwise seedy looking “toy” stores by my apartment in SOMA. Some lubricants are like $80 for a tiny bottle.

Every year I am always looking for that one gift I can buy everyone. The “one gift” idea is great because you buy a bunch of them, and if someone gives you a gift and you forgot to get them one, you just grab a gift from your bag of “one gifts” and voila, you’re covered.

And what better gift than truly expensive lubricant to enhance the pleasure of those you love?


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