Obama Comment Outrage Outrage

I typically don’t like writing about politics, and when I do, my intent is not to promote a candidate, party, or belief system.

We’re seeing news now about a comment that Obama made that triggered powerful attacks from Clinton and McCain.

What I find interesting is that they accuse him of being detached from the working man.

I watched a documentary a few weeks ago about Obama. Prior to seeing this, I didn’t know about how he got started in Chicago. He made about $10k per year working for a very poor black community. The documentary portrayed Obama as a very passionate guy who was willing to make a lot less than he could in order to help people.

When he got into politics, he do so to continue championing their cause (according to the documentary).

So when I see these attacks that he is detached from the working man and “elitist”, I can’t help but think these are just desperate attempts to criticize him.

Perhaps Obama’s camp should remind people of his story.

And when it comes to calling people out on comments, how about the joke that McCain told during Bill Clinton’s presidency that started with the line, “Why is Chelsey Clinton so ugly?”.  (I cite the Salon article because it is the first result Google returns for a search on that joke). After that, I’m not sure McCain (who I think is a good, decent guy) is so credible when it comes to calling others out.  And I am sure Hillary has had her share as well.

I don’t sense a lot of integrity behind the attacks, and I am sure we’re only going to see a lot more of this as the election approaches.


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