Things to Put in Your Earthquake Kit

The first thing you must have in an earthquake kit is a pistol.

Those who are not prepared will resort to force to get resources out of those who have them.

So you want a pistol.

Most of the other items are obvious: food, water, flashlight, radio, cash, batteries.

And the other nice thing about the pistol is if you run out of anything, well, just grab the pistol and go find someone who has a robust earthquake kit sans pistol.


How to Save Water and be Green

One thing that really gets to me is when people hand wash dishes and leave the water running hard the entire time.

Although it adds more labor, I turn the water off frequently while doing my dishes. I’ve seen people leave the water running to go answer the phone, use the bathroom, etc.

Turn the water off.

Yahoo vs Gmail: Yahoo Email Sucks

I’ve had a Yahoo email address for years. I got a Gmail account this year.

Gmail is far superior for two reasons:

1. Gmail’s spam filter works (see image below). Yahoo’s filter sucks ass intentionally. Yahoo gives you a useless spam filter for free. Need more? You have to pay.

2. Gmail “rolls up” your email into one conversation, so you don’t see numerous emails for the same conversation.

Yahoo Email Sucks

The Question Again: Who is the Perfect Person for You?

While I was out for appetizers and drinks with some folks from work, the question that those of us who are single get popped up:

“Who is the perfect person for you?”

This is a difficult question to answer for numerous reasons.

First, define perfect. If I am still single, it might be because there is no perfect and I am unwilling to compromise (at this point).

Without the cynicism, I know one quality would be someone with a sense of astonishment for life. I don’t want to be with someone who goes through their days with a ho-hum, kind of bored, just grinding through life attitude.

That’s just one quality. Of course, then there are the physical attributes. Factor in all these high expectations, and you see why I am single after all of these years.

Maybe next time I am asked this question I’ll say, “I want someone as good as me.”

Suicide Hotline Volunteer Work: What I Learned

People have been asking me what I learned from volunteering at a suicide call center.

It gets tiring telling people to “hang in there” and that they have something to live for when you really know they don’t.

Which is why I am writing my new book (see below).

Give Up

I’d like to dedicate my book to the New Zealand Chess Team and the Polish Space Exploration Project.

National “Imagine Everyone Around You Having Sex” Day

I really think this would be a great official holiday.

At some point, we all do it anyway, so why not have a day dedicated to imagining what the people around you would look like having sex?

It’s a kind of perverted form of people watching.

Today, for instance, I was sitting in a crepe place on California at Divisadero. I didn’t have anything interesting to read, so I started people watching.

But the people weren’t really doing anything, so I had to spice it up a bit.

“I wonder what she would look like having sex?” I thought of the 85 year old woman trying to eat soup with a shaky hand.

“Yuk, move on, move on!”.

I played this game for about 5 minutes and then the food arrived. But I had completely lost my appetite.

Don’t imagine random people having sex right before you eat.

But it’s fun to do – most people don’t really come across as sexual. You have to really work hard at it to see them in sex mode.