How to Find Cheap Yoga in New York City / Manhattan

I come to NYC about one week every month or so. I share an apartment with a few people I work with in midtown (west).

Last wkend I decided to drop in to a yoga studio in my neighborhood. Then I looked at the pricing: $18 for a drop in? Wow.

The 10 class passes (which expire in 3 months) and other discount buys (unlimited monthly) would be difficult to extract value from, given the time I spend in NYC.

Then I found a great solution: the new student special.

yoga studios new york city manhattan
Many studios in NYC, in an effort to lure new customers, have specials like $20 for a week of yoga (perfect!). I looked at Google Local for all the studios in NYC. It’s quite possible to spend a few years hopping from studio to studio, enjoying new student discounts.

Another option is the “community” classes several of them have. These are classes taught by new instructors. The classes are discounted (one I am heading to now is $8).

Yoga has become so expensive – and I can see why. Any class is going to be expensive due to the cost of the instructor and space in NYC. But at $18 a drop-in, you think twice about doing yoga.


  1. You might also want to try this place:
    It offers donation based yoga classes. It looks lovely though I’ve never been there myself. I find just doing the month to month annual memberships (~$130/mo at my studio)is easiest, since i can go as many times as I want a month, and the more I go the cheaper it is per class 🙂


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