The Departed: More Movie Flaws

Since I have been writing scripts, I can’t help but find problems in films.

The most recent one was with The Departed.

If you haven’t seen it, stop reading now.  My analysis will ruin the ending.

At the end, 3 cops get their brains blown out next to the elevator in the abandoned building.

One of them saves another cop and says something like, “see, there are two of us working for Callaghan.”

The problem with that motive is that Callaghan is dead.  There is nothing to be gained by continuing loyalty to a dead man.  The other mole quickly picks up a gun and blows his brains out.  That’s because he knows the best thing is to distance himself from the inquisition that is about to happen.

Not only that, introducing a new character at the end of a movie to give the story a new twist is lame.  That’s like having a story where the character wakes up at the end to reveal that everything was a dream.

If my analysis is off, I’d appreciate some comments.  Maybe I missed something?

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