From Lethargy to Dynamic Health

I went out drinking on Friday and woke up with an unusually painful hangover on Saturday.

So I slept all day, read, and watched a movie I rented. I took a hot shower, drank herbal tea, ate a light dinner, and went to bed early greatly anticipating waking up the next morning to head to a yoga class.

I was therefore very surprised to wake up hungover again.

How could this happen? I was tired and aching. I didn’t go to yoga. Instead, I stayed home and took naps. What was wrong? Why was I being such a wussy? Friday night wasn’t THAT bad.

And then I woke up on Monday still hungover. This was really, really strange. Eery even.

As I checked my email Monday morning, I noticed all the people announcing they were staying home with a terrible cold.

And that’s when I realized that I wasn’t hungover – I simply had been fighting a cold and won.

Although I didn’t get sick, I got what I think of as “almost sick.” I was lethargic because my body was using all of its energy fighting the cold.

I hate feeling lethargic. It’s depressing. You want to nap, but doing so just makes you more tired. There is nothing refreshing about sleep in this state.

So I decided to kick the lethargy out of me by doing some hard, sweaty flow yoga. Although it was the last thing I felt like doing, I did, and voila – I immediately felt fantastic.

Just one hour transformed my body from tired into bursting with energy.

I’ve noticed in the past how good I feel after either a cold or hangover – they make feeling healthy so easy and wonderful to appreciate.

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