The New Music Pursuit: Remixes

As someone who has played in a band all of my life, the electronic music scene has been something I have observed from the periphery with a spectrum of inconsistent opinions that finally led me to make the move towards participation. I now have a Mac and Reason 4.0 (software for mixing).

I’ve found my preferences within this broad genre.

I love beautiful remixes of older, more esoteric music. Remixes of Cesaria Evora and Edith Piaf are gorgeous.

And I’ve decided to begin my mixing with some of the unsung (singing) heroes.

My favorite singers are the ones who have both talent and poetic vision. Great writers in their own right, they have something to say and an artistic voice through which to say it.

I am going to start with John Shipe and Chris O’Connor.

Both of these guys are poets who were blessed with angelic voices.

Shipe is a master of metaphor and nodding mythological references who can tell a story, or string unattached lines together until you see the picture.

One of my favorite lines of his is:

“The angels don’t sit at the foot of her bed anymore,

strangers instead, walk through her room with no respect, no respect…”

Chris O’Connor (who I wrote blasphemous reviews while drunk one night on CD Baby, then forgot the password to change the reviews to his numerous, angry demands, is another in this category.

Listen to track 5, “You Are Here”, and track 1, “Cog in the Machine”.

I got credit on that album as the “anti-producer”. I was originally asked to produce the album, then insisted that there would be no production and ironically got credit for that. So it’s just OC, raw, with his guitar and voice. All done in one take.

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