Cast Away: Movie Flaws

So I was walking to work the other day thinking about how Cast Away ends with that scene where Tom Hanks delivers an unopened package (to an address in Texas) that he had on the island for four years.

Think about it. He kissed his fiance in Memphis (the sorting facility) and got on a plane destined for the far east with a package that was supposed to be in Texas not 8 hours later?

So – if the plane hadn’t crashed, the package would have arrived after it was supposed to be delivered.  Someone would have said, “Hey, this was supposed to be in Texas 19 minutes ago, send it back to Memphis!”

I tend to nit-pick things like that in movies.I’d also have preferred an ending in which he delivers the package, but it turns out to have a kilo of cocaine, and he gets busted.  The cops don’t believe his wild story, and he spends four years in prison. 


One Comment

  1. Hi. The package originated in at the artist’s house in Texas. Hanks was returning it to where it came from, it was originally meant to be going wherever the plane was going. that’s why, when he’s taking it to her years later, Elvis’ “Return to Sender” is on the radio. So he’s actually not delivering the package, he’s returning it.


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