Wild Story My Father Told Me Today

This is one of the most fascinating true stories I have ever heard, and it happened a few weeks ago. 

My parents live in Naples, Florida, in one of those retirement communities on a golf course. They live in a “community” in the sense that there are clubs for everything: golf, bridge, wine, reading, etc.

So here is my father’s story about a man in one of the clubs – my father swears this is true and just happened.

So the man, who is about 85, was at an event in Naples and he saw an old woman there.

He walked up to her and said, “excuse me, but do you recognize me?”

She looked him up and down and said she did not.

He rolled up his sleeves and showed her a number that was branded on his arm. The number was there because he was in a concentration camp in WWII.

She also had a number on her arm – and their numbers were one apart. They had sequential numbers because when they arrived at the concentration camp, they were married.  They were separated in the camp and afterwards could not find each other and assumed the other dead.

I guess this happened just a few weeks ago and so my father was unable to answer my subsequent questions, which included: “So, what happened next? Were either of them married?  Are they going to try to pick up where they left off?”

I know this sounds like an urban legend, but my father swears this happened. It’s the kind of event that is so hard to believe that if you put it in a movie, people would say, “that would never happen”.

But it did.  



  1. that sounds like something Dan Brown can put good use to. maybe the numbers are a code. maybe the nazis are guarding a secret. holy shit! ur father just stumbled onto gold! 🙂


  2. I heard from a friend that he heard a similar story, but it happened in LA at a wedding.

    So now I am thinking my parents’ friends might not have the ability to differentiate urban legend from truth.


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