Day 9 in Self-Imposed Poverty

So the weekend wasn’t nearly as painful as I had hoped.

My plan was to stay in and kind of get others to join me eating lentils and avoiding cover charges.
But my challenge didn’t appear attractive and on Saturday and Sunday night I ended up on a barstool with someone buying me drinks, which just made me feel like a mooch.

So I left off the story when I had $10.

But then Monday came about and I was starving so I bought a $5.50 burrito for breakfast.

$4.50 left.

This morning I ate oatmeal at work and then spent $3.00 for lunch on a piece of pizza.

$1.50.  Not enough to buy another meal.

So I raided my food cabinet and found a can of soybeans and cooked them in stewed tomatoes.  It didn’t look like a lot of food, so I found some stale tortilla chips (too old to eat) and put them in the pot thinking I’d get free calories out of them.

Tomorrow is my last day in self-imposed poverty.  I think I can get through with my left-overs, by eating some more oatmeal at work, and maybe buying a bagel or something.

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