Walt Whitman

I recently started getting into Whitman’s poetry.

One of the themes I am starting to identify with my favorite poets is their elegant championing for the poor, the pedestrian, the common, who maintain a graceful carriage and positive energy despite their suffering.

This theme is largely prevalent amongst poets.

Anne Rand took a lot of criticism from the literary community when she departed widely from this common perspective with “Atlas Shrugged”, which appeared economically Darwinian to the point that Alan Greenspan’s economic philosophies were largely influenced by her book. (Check out this review in the NY Times).

Back to my point: Whitman.

Love this poem:

HERE, take this gift,
I was reserving it for some hero, speaker, or general,
One who should serve the good old cause, the great idea, the progress and freedom of the race,
Some brave confronter of despots, some daring rebel;
But I see that what I was reserving belongs to you just as much as to any.
— Walt Whitman


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