Last Minute Halloween Costume While Traveling

I’m in NYC now, and a friend who owns a club is having one of those parties you have to go to because you’re in NYC, you have a friend who owns a club that 75 people are going to wait in line to get into, and you’re going to get special treatment.

So you have to go.  Even though you’re tired, have been working all day, and have to work a long day tomorrow.

I traveled with very few clothing items.

I went to a costume store and saw aisles of cheesy looking costumes that I know all the lazy, last minute people will wear.

So I rummaged through my clothes.

“What do I have that is thematic that I can build off?” I asked myself.

I found a motorcycle jacket.

Hmm, maybe I can work with this.

I went to a hardware store on a few doors away.  Walked through the aisles.

I picked up goggles, leather gloves, and one of those flashlights that you strap to your head.

I decided to dress as an urban spelunker.

Dressing as an abstract concept offers the benefit of not having the same costume as anyone else, but provides the guaranteed outcome that no one will know what you are.



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