The Perfect Song

I am going to make this post short and to the point.

“Cathedrals” by Jump Little Children is so stunning to me that I feel it tests my capacity for appreciation and passion.

What I mean by this is that the song is gorgeous and consqeuently in order to appreciate it, you need to tap the deepest and wisest parts of yourself. The song asks you to step up.

I felt self-conscious about my striking point of view on this song for awhile.  And then I read that Elton John commented that this song was the “most beautiful” song he had ever heard.

So now there are two of us.

The only thing I can accomplish writing about Cathedrals is to point out that I can’t, and that the take-away can only be: go listen to the song.


One Comment

  1. what? dude, are you high?

    cathedral is good, but it’s a little winey… the singer sounds like he needs to be bitch-slapped… that is, after he takes the cock out of his mouth. which maybe explains why Sir Elton likes it so much.


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