The Most Important Thing

I found myself telling a lot of people the following this week:

“The most important thing in life, in any given situation, is necessity.”

It’s weird to have to remind a living, breathing organism of that.

But that goes to show how many layers of fat there are between us and our pulse.

The concept that keeps me driven every morning is necessity.

It might sound weird, corny, or twisted, but I like to scare myself with this concept.

I keep as little money as I can in my wallet.

The prospect of consequence vs. gold is the first point in the decision tree.

You have to deal with consequence before expansion.

And so I create artificial deadlines for my creative projects because I react to them.

My greatest fear in life is losing my drive and ambition. The easiest way to preserve these qualities is to keep yourself poor.

I am sure there are better ways, but until I figure them out, I want to bleed a bit every day.


  1. the most important thing is necessity? not quite.

    the most important thing in life is to continue existence at all costs. with existence, all else is mute… after survival is assured, then, and only then can you worry about hookers and cocaine, or current lack thereof.

    speaking of which, i gotta run now. i have a business meeting up in san francisco with a korean firm.


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