Tourist Season


The above picture is a scene we saw as we left Parc Guell.

When we first got to the park, I said to Laurie: “what’s the point of a park if everyone who ever goes there is a tourist? Is this what Gaudi envisioned?” She seemed a bit annoyed by this, as though I were ruining what could otherwise have been an enjoyable excursion.

But it was true: the park was teeming with tourists.

Unlike Golden Gate Park, where you might see a bluegrass festival or a high school baseball game, there is nothing going on in Parc Guell other than tourism.

And as we left the park, the sign above presented itself.  It felt as though heaven above was speaking to us, saying, “Hey, Craig was right about that smart ass tourist comment.  The locals here can’t stand tourists.”

Please God, send more signs like this to the world that my wise-ass comments are mostly accurate.  At this point, I need all the help I can get.


  1. i’m glad to hear you made it to parc guell, craig. it is all tourists, but it’s a damn fine sight isn’t it?

    little known fact: gaudi was run over by a street car and died in a pauper’s hospital because no one recognized him or knew who he was. how’s that for treatment of spain’s greatest architect?


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