Is This a Urinal or a Bidet?


Laurie and I are in disagreement over whether the object you see above is a urinal or a bidet.

I think the object is a urinal – hence the line of projected beaded urine seen above.

My argument went like this:

“If it’s a bidet, there would be a seat.”

Her counter point was:

“If it was a urinal, there wouldn’t be small towels next to the {OBJECT}”.

She has a good point there, but I maintain that if a device was designed to spray water into your ass, there would at least be a seat.

My inner geek wants to address obvious usability issues.

Let’s create a persona for the situation.

Let’s take my mother.

70 years old. Golfs but always takes a cart.  Takes taxis never the subway.  Drives an automatic, not a stick.  Occasionally requests wheelchairs when flying not because she needs one, but because it smoothes and speeds up her life.

So if she were  going to use a bidet, would she want one without a seat?

Fuck no.

I maintain that the object in question is a URINAL not a bidet, and I will continue pissing into it unless I can be convinced otherwise.

And if the  {OBJECT}’s designer were to suddenly morph into my presence and say the {OBJECT} is indeed a bidet, I would continue pissing into it because his / her usability vision is so limited that my example persona (mom) would never use the fucking thing.

I piss on you.


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