“He’s My Brother”


The picture above was taken moments after Laurie’s plan to tell people who assumed we are dating that we are siblings backfired.

I thought this was a great idea and gave her kudos for coming up with such a slick idea.

So we were having dinner when a man with roses made his way into the restaurant.

Assuming we were dating, he approached me with the roses.

He said something in Spanish which I can only imagine meant, “a rose for the lady?”

Laurie was excited to use both her Spanish and her story.

I heard her say something in Spanish which I presumed was, “he’s my brother”. After all, this was her story.

But then the guy got a confused look on his face. Rather than offering her the rose, he seemed to be offering it to me.

Laurie repeated her sentence and, perplexed, he slowly headed to another table.

It was only moments later when Laurie realized her mistake.

“Oh crap! I thought I said, ‘he’s my brother’ but instead I said, ‘he’s beautiful’.”

It was then I realized what happened.

The man walked to the table. Says to me, “a rose for the lady?”. Laurie knows I don’t know a word of Spanish, so she jumps in to save me by declaring (not once but several times), “he’s beautiful!”.

The man is confused. He’s supposed to give a rose to the lady. But the lady seems to want one for the beautiful guy. So he starts to hand the rose to the guy. But how strange, a man with a rose?

Americans are very, very odd he must have thought as he walked away.


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