Fuck You Wireless Drama Unfolds


This is my view from my hotel room in Barcelona.

As mentioned, a major peeve of mine is paying for Internet access in hotels.

Also mentioned, I brought my wireless router so as to pay for Internet access, and
broadcast it to all of Barcelona.

I meant to broadcast my Internet access from the 16th floor (see above picture) to all of Barcelona. Ola, how far wireless will travel from the 16th floor across a flat city!

The Plan
This was not only a plan, but a scheming, boastful, Lex Lutherish plan to make
a fuck you statement to the hotel by giving away Internet access to 2/3 of a
city of several million (for you geeks, I maximized the IP range of the DHCP
server – and wanted to take a photo of a saturated DHCP table to demonstrate
success. Also for you geeks, the SSID was going to be FuckTheHotelForCharging_FreeInternetByCraig).

This IT task appears easy given the fact that the city is flat and I am both
in the middle of the city and on the 16th floor of my hotel.

But the entire operation backfired when I safely plugged my surge protector
into the wall with a European three prong adapter.

Moments later, the power in the room went out.

Somehow, the surge protector blew a fuse. No, it blew the fuck out of fuseS.

Not one, but several, electricians operated on the problem before there was a fix.

As though written by a Hollywood screenwriter inspired by films like “Speed”, my great scheming plan unfolded and backfired.

The device I spent so much time tinkering and preparing for my violent / abstract IT protest came back, like a boomerang, to create enormous wreckage at its point of origin.

I have a newfound respect for successful conquistadors.

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