Like Mike, Episode 3

Phil, Craig and the stripper arrive late to the press conference; local news teams are filming and photographing their sloppy, highly anticipated and completely inappropriate entrance.
As they walk through the metal detector, the stripper sets the alarm off, prompting a body search.  The stripper keeps taking clothes off until finally the cause of the alarm is determined to be her pierced clitoris.

The reporters get wind of this unraveling story.

“Did you say, ‘pierced clitoris’?” a journalist asks the sheriff.

Mike is becoming enraged.  He puts his head in his hands.  How did he ever think Phil and Craig could do anything other than make this situation worse?

We see a montage of Mike as a champion wrestler –  we see his eyes as he pins an opponent to win the state championship.

Looking at Phil and Craig, he has the same look in his eyes.  Unable to control his anger, he charges, throwing the two drunks around like super balls.

The cameras catch everything as the police rescue Phil and Craig who, crying for help, will appear on the cover of the next day’s newspapers as victims of unprovoked violence.

“All they did was walk through the metal detector and that lunatic lunged at them,” the janitor is quoted as saying.

“Man, I have to clean up a lot of messes in my life, but nothing…like Mike.”


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