Facial Care

It is SO important to take proper care of your face, as well as all your skin.

I have been obsessed with this topic for 15 years since I began working as a molecular biologist.

This is my new treatment strategy:

Ex foliate with a hot towel.

Steam your face for 5 minutes.

Then apply…(you will not believe this) L’Oreal’s FUTUR-e.

I know it sounds lame. But it works. And for good reason.

I’ve been using this regimen since I was 24 and it works.

Most of my approach is based on bio-chem / molecular bio.

One thing I want to start doing is comparing facial regimens with others who really care about the process as well. If you are one of these people, please email me. We have a lot of notes to compate.


  1. The best thing my ex-girlfriend did for me was to get me into proper skin maintenance. My regimen differs somewhat. I’ll wash normally with a facial cleanser (Neutrogena or whatever will do), then use a glycolic toner such as DDF, then I use a high quality (and unfortunately very high priced) moisturizer/anti-aging agent called AlphaDerma CE. Better to do all of this twice daily but for me sometimes it’s only once. Seems to help, skin looks decent even though I’m getting old (just like all of us).


  2. Observing that Dave learned his regimen from his ex-girlfriend, I think Gene’s comment suggests he has never had a girlfriend.

    For fucks sake, where do you think men learn this kind of crap?


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