Internet Access When You’re Traveling

I’m staying at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago for the Adobe MAX convention, where I am speaking on RIA and search.

There are hundreds of us geeks in this 30 story building.

How dismayed I was when I got to my room to discover that the hotel charges $10 / day for Internet access.

So that’s $30 for my three days here.

That’s bullshit.

I think that Internet access should be a free utility for traveling professionals. Asking someone to pay extra for something they consider a necessity makes you an opportunistic, whereas the role of the host is to create the illusion of gracious enabler.

And to add insult to injury, to charge such a high fee is an echoing bitch slap.

I was having dinner with a few Flex developers tonight and they bitched about the same thing.

I told them my solution:

“From now on, I am always going to travel with a wireless router, and if I have to pay for access, I’m going to give it away for free as a big FUCK YOU to the hotel. I’ll give my SSID a name like “FuckTheHyatt_FreeWebGuy”.

I’m going to start doing this, and I’d love to see a movement here.

Imagine a website that, like a GPS system, shows where you are in relation to FreeWebGuy hosts who are paying some fuckhead $10/month so many others can not pay.


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