Why Southwest Airlines Sucks

This whole thing about boarding zones is ridiculous.

I flew from Oakland to Reno.

The flight takes 27 minutes.

But people were waiting in lines for an hour to get a good seat.

There was an old lady standing for about 45 minutes in zone B.

All of these people were standing and wasting time needlessly.

What is the purpose of herding people into zones and making them line up like boarding a plane is a zealously pathetic mission like buying an iPhone or buying concert tickets?

I am posting this now as I sit watching zone A board. I am zone B. I am one of exactly 4 people sitting.

One of the guys sitting looks like he has been up all night. The others just don’t give a shit about where they sit on the plane.


One Comment

  1. You’re right about that, it was such an uncivilized process. This was literally written hours before they changed the boarding process 🙂 It works much better now, and in effect, Southwest sucks less!


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