That One Spot

There always is one spot you have to reckon with.

Small, annoyingly afflicted parts of your body.

My electric razor refuses to cleanly shave the lower left part of my jaw, so I have to use the old school razors to hit that spot everyday.

But when I travel, I sometimes forget to bring that second razor.  And so I grow a small patch of odd whiskers that is clearly not a fashion statement.

I went to Hawaii and forgot to put sunscreen on the top part of my left ear.  That spot got supremely sunburned.  I had to cover it when I was showering.

And then there was the Achilles tendinitis for months.

Maybe I think too much about these things.  But when I tell myself to think less about them, I am suddenly talking to myself, which brings a subconscious thought into a full discussion with YOURSELF.

I try not to talk to myself.  It’s the only thing I ever do that creeps me out.

Other than worry about that one spot.


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