Fashion & NYC: Bipolar

NYC is considered a fashion mecca, we all know that.

There are so many people in NYC that freaks go unnoticed.

New Yorkers are known for not making eye contact, for their distant presence, their guarded aura, their jaywalking lifestyle.

Business people wear sneakers on the subway, then change into more formal shoes before they go into the office.

And no one will notice because they are a fly in a cathedral.

Yet the city promotes fashion as though everyone is looking.

But where do we look?

New Yorkers capitalize on both their anonymity and fashion center stage.

I’m very confused when I people watch in NYC.

“Is that a fashion statement?” I ask myself as I watch someone on roller skates with tube socks up to their knees.

“Or is that simply comfortable and ugly?”

Fashion is a lot like modern art: you need to discover the intent.

“Did they mean to splatter paint all over the canvas, or was it a child that sneezed?”

Ultimately, you end up questioning yourself.

Why does it matter what their intent was?  Shouldn’t it always be about the final product?

And these thoughts lead you into questions like: “why do we think that beauty is thin and has dimples?”

You start to spin, and get dizzy at that point.

You feel like you are going to fall over and the only thing that keeps you standing up is that if you fall, there is no where to land.

One Comment

  1. Actually, freaks are noticeable. It’s just that NYC’s full of freaks, and normal people that normal people are just as odd and rare as freaks, and finally you can no longer categorize anyone.

    Isn’t NYC wonderful?

    You can just look at the people on the subway (or their shoes, because I am a New Yorker, and do not like making eye contact on the subway, for the reason that people will stare angrily back at you. And its not the best idea to get people angry.) or just stand on a street corner and watch people all day and contemplate whether they’re making a fashion statement or not. heh.


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