Yoga chanting, a few issues with proper grammar

Man, I am just in a mood to bitch about stuff today.

So I went to a yoga class today with my friend Mike.

I must be missing something. I don’t understand the chanting in a language we don’t speak. It means nothing to me.

Do you remember reciting the pledge of allegiance when you were in second grade – you recited syllables that had a vague sonic resemblance to the proper pronunciation, and you sure as hell didn’t know what you were saying.

Yoga chants are the same thing.

But worse yet, they are disingenuous.

Mike has a great way with words. He can really figure out the ironic essence of something, then find a great way to describe it.

“Spiritual jazzercise” was his description for the effusive second language spiritual chanting.

I’m not into yoga only for the physical benefits. The mental and spiritual benefits are important to me – but I feel like this chanting is an attempt to create an exotic mystique that is actually making a mockery of our practice. We are suddenly wearing spiritual spandex. I think Mike may have had this image in his head when he said ‘spiritual jazzercise’.”

Ok, now onto my grammar bitching.

The sentence above I ended:

when he said ‘spiritual jazzercise’.”

I know that it is proper to have the period inside the last quote.

However, I think it makes more sense for the period to end the sentence. That is what periods are supposed to do.

To have a quote dangling outside the sentence suggests that the quote mark is the final punctuation.

Here is how I would have ended that sentenceL

when he said ‘spiritual jazzercise'”.

Or, if he had spoken a sentence:

“Damn, that session felt like spiritual jazzercise.”.

I used two periods because he had his own sentence, which ends in a period, but the quote is INSIDE of the larger sentence, so the period must end the sentence.

To put this in perspective, there are better things to try to change about the world that yoga chanting and how to use periods.

Maybe I am shallow.

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