Update on “The 44 Year Old Secret”

I’ve been asked more than once why I haven’t written (as promised) about “The 44 Year Old Secret”.

I have, actually.

But a few friends who work in film convinced me to write a screenplay.

At first the idea sounded ludicrous.

When the idea was suggested (by Pistol and Cayman), my first reaction was: “I don’t know anything about writing screenplays.”  Then I factored in the obvious: my time, and what the hell would I do with a script anyway?

And then my mother told me, “this would make a great movie.”

Anyone who has been to my apartment has seen a framed quote of Einstein: “If an first an idea doesn’t seem ludicrous, it’s probably not worth keeping.”

I keep that quote on my wall so I can see it everyday and be reminded of its truth.

I decided to write the screenplay.

I bought three books on writing scripts, per Cayman’s suggestion.

I read each book at least twice, one of them four times.  Screenplays are a unique challenge: the writer has to tell the story without telling actors how to act or directors how to direct.  Their job is to create a perfect story skeleton and let the production fully paint the picture.

I’ve written 40 pages of about 90 – 110.  I think producing a draft could take another six months, and I see myself editing and rewriting for about another six.  So I plan on having this done in about a year.

I’ve been writing the script with the words of a writing professor from college in mind.  Her advice was: “don’t talk about your story.  The more you talk about it, the less you will write.  You’ll get a sense of gratification by telling people your story, and in doing so, feel less compelled to write.”

Having spent the last 20 years trying to write songs, I know she is right on.

So I am not talking, or blogging, about the story so I can focus on this screenplay.

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