Carnival in Trinidad

I haven’t posted about the weekend with my brother yet because as soon as he left I got on a plane to go to Trinidad for Carnival. I’m still in Trinidad and it’s been amazing. Carnival in Trinidad

I’ll get back to this blog early next week!



  1. Elvis got hooked on speed in the Army while doing night duty, as did Johnny Cash and millions of other servicemen. Ahhh yes – good old Uncle Sam and its war on drugs. As for the music of Elvis, anything he did before 1960 is great – anything afterward is usually mediocre. The Sun Sessions album is beautiful and timeless.

    Elvis was a black belt in karate, a martial art he also started doing while in the Army – for what it’s worth.

    This is actually the first time I’ve read an article about Graceland where I no longer feel I have to visit it. It seems one is almost obligated to buy some kitschy souvenir piece-of-shit to “prove” you visited Graceland. As if the tackiness of it is pure Americana….1 billion records sold?


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