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Serentripity noun An unexpected, pleasurable voyage, journey, or trip.

Focusing on Retainers

This is a repost of an email from Matt Brown of I couldn’t find a blog post of this, so I’m posting it with credit to Matt and a … Continue reading

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Neosporosis: The Closest Thing to a Cure Your Vet Doesn’t Know About

My beautiful Shepherd/Husky mix was diagnosed with Neosporosis, a Protozoan infection that causes a dog to slowly lose power and control over their hind legs, and eventually their front legs … Continue reading

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WIDESPREAD DEFECTS, AVOID IPV 5 Vaporizer by Pioneer4you

INTRO This is a review of the IPV 5 vaporizer mod by Pioneer4you (Chinese company). This would be a great product if it weren’t for a known defect that the … Continue reading

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Imagine: Andy Warhol & Hoarder & Artist

Imagine if Andy Warhol was a Hoarder If Andy Warhol were alive today to watch all the hoarding shows, he’d certainly run with that soup can / Americana theme and … Continue reading

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The Bogmen Release New Single

The Bogmen Come Back Swinging One of the best bands to ever come out of New York City, The Bogmen are back with another great song. When The Circus Comes … Continue reading

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Facebook Advertising ROI vs. Search & Amazon, 2012 – 2015

Think Facebook advertising is sexy and want to get in on it? I tracked my purchases for the last three years.  How many of them originated with Facebook?  Zero. As … Continue reading

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Email to a Young Poet

Note: This is a parody of Rainer Maria Rilke’s famous book, “Letters to a Young Poet”. In a nutshell, the book contains the correspondence between Franz Xaver Krappus, a young … Continue reading

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Heading to Toronto: Recommendations for Fun?

Tomorrow morning I fly to Toronto for the SMX Analytics convention. I am open to recommendations for how to have a good time in Toronto, as long as they are … Continue reading

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Bringing Picture of Loved Ones to Work: My Tips

All things come to an end, and for that reason keeping your area at work saturated with photos of your lover is setting yourself up for the inevitable day when … Continue reading

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Collective Intelligence

Movements like Top Coder and open source lead us to believe that the intelligence of a group is greater than the sum of its individuals. I tend to believe this … Continue reading

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