The Squirrels Let Loose

Traveling to Space

Having won the Rhode Island Lottery a few years back (which is when I stopped posting blogs and became a farmer in Colombia), I have decided that Earth is no longer for me. Therefore, I will launch myself into space on a privately owned luxury space craft, where I will orbit until the rest of you burn up or kill each other. I will occasionally come down to get some cheese dip and a few People Magazines and check my mail. Ok, ttyl.

Tomorrow morning I fly to Toronto for the SMX Analytics convention.

I am open to recommendations for how to have a good time in Toronto, as long as they are not things I can legally do in the US.

All things come to an end, and for that reason keeping your area at work saturated with photos of your lover is setting yourself up for the inevitable day when you have to take them all down because the relationship is over.

For that reason, I keep pictures of my ex-girlfriends at work. They will forever be x, and if I get back together with them, I can’t leave the pictures up and as far as anyone else is concerned, nothing dramatic has changed in my social life.

For men who have have few or no lovers, I suggest keeping pictures of your right palm. You will definitely never have to take those down.

Collective Intelligence

Movements like Top Coder and open source lead us to believe that the intelligence of a group is greater than the sum of its individuals.

I tend to believe this is true, but the problem is that it’s difficult to see the scenarios for which this is not true.

How about when a team comes to the wrong conclusion because the one person who was right was out-voted?
Or the many disciplines that require focus and discipline over a long period of time? Those kind of projects can be more likely to succeed with fewer people.

The Default Gift Ideas

Every year, someone gives me a gift who I didn’t get one for.  It’s inevitable.

So I am starting to keep my “default gift” – which is a gift I buy about 20 of and keep around in case someone gives me a gift and I need to reciprocate.

This year I am making t-shirts with some of those one-liners I came up with during the year but forgot about.

Tracy Zabriskie – Scumbag?

Tracy Zabriskie

I’ve had a number of models on this guy’s site tell me he is Google-jacking their names.

I don’t know the guy, but when you look at his site, the links to Nudist Friends is an indication to anyone considering modeling for him that he is going to take pictures of you, optimize the page for your name, and do something creepy.

Why would a photographer have links to “Nudist Friends”?  Is this something a professional would do?

If you look at who is linking to this guy, try this link:

The photographer is deep in the porn industry, so don’t think you have a fashion photographer.

So if you are considering working with Tracy Zabriskie, think twice.

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